Valkyria operates with a multi-party system in which several political parties are either competing or cooperating with each other to win elections and possibly form coalition governments. However, some parties may also form electoral alliances.


Political party Position Ideology Founding Dissolution
  Centrist Democratic Party Centre-right Centrist democracy, liberal conservatism 2016
  Communist Party Far-left Communism 1912
  Conservative Party Right Conservatism 1971
  Islamist Front Far-right Islamism 2016
  Labor Party Centre-left Social democracy 1986
  Liberal Party Centre Social liberalism 2016
  Populists of the Left Centre-left Social democracy, agrarianism 2016
  Socialist Party Centre-left Democratic socialism 1918
  The Greens Centre-left Green left 2011
  The New Right Far-right National conservatism 2016