The National Police is one of two national police forces in Valkyria, the other being the National Gendarmerie.


The National Police national headquarters is located in Stockholm.

Regional headquarters


Special units

Rank structure

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As a result of the 2019 National Police reforms made by Interior Secretary Julia Burns, the rank structure of the National Police consists of two tiers for field and command officers.

Under Valkyrian law, there can only be:

Due to the exclusive nature of the national and regional chiefs, a term limit of six years was applied to these positions.



National Police officers are routinely carry Tasers, pepper spray, and batons. Officers are required to wear stab vests while on patrol. The centre storage box of all police vehicles contains two Heckler & Koch VP9s for the driver and passenger. The rear storage area contains two M4 carbines and two ballistic vests.

NTIF officers are armed with M4 carbines, Heckler & Koch VP9s, and CS gas grenades. However, some NTIF officers forgo the M4 in favour of a ballistic shield. NTIF officers wear combat helmets, gas masks, and ballistic vests.

Most officers are required to have 25 hours of tactics training and 75 hours of firearms training every year. The training requirements for NTIF officers are doubled. Officers who fail to meet the annual training requirements are placed on indefinite leave until they complete training.