Economic positions

Fiscal policy


Since the party's founding in 1986, the Labor Party has supported single-payer healthcare, which was implemented in 2003 in the First Republic of Qvait under President Patrick Beckley as the National Health Service (NHS). Since implementing a universal healthcare system, the party has vigorously supported maintaining the it and expanding services that the system can provide to the citizenry.

When Margaret Harrison was elected President in 2016, she promised to expand NHS services to include dental and childcare. On 5 August 2016, the Qvaitican Congress passed the National Health Service Expansion Act of 2016 (NHSEA 2016), which providing funding for fiscal year 2017 and expanded NHS services to include dental care. Childcare is expected to be made an NHS service with the passage of the NHSEA 2017.

Trade unions



The Labor Party always has supported a transition to 100% renewable energy.

International trade