Public holidays

Date Name Note
1 January New Year's Day
1 May Labor Day
movable Referendum Day First Sunday of May
movable Election Day First Sunday of July
12 July Unification Day
1 August Inauguration Day
15 October Day of the Valkyries

Religious holidays

Date Name Note
movable Good Friday Friday before Easter Sunday
movable Easter Sunday
movable Easter Monday Monday after Easter Sunday
25 December Christmas
movable Yom Kippur
movable Eid al-Fitr
movable Eid al-Adha


Date Name Note
14 February Valentine's Day
31 October Halloween
24 December Christmas Eve
31 December New Year's Eve

Historical holidays

Date Name Period Note
27 January Birthday of Queen Katelynn 2017–2018
15 April Birthday of Queen Melissa 2017–2018
22 June Revolution Day 1923–1970